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2nd project meeting, Braga, PT

4. - 5. 4. 2018

Second INTRO 4.0 meeting was held in Braga, Portugal. One of the main topics was a presentation of results/progress of the first output – Current Status of the Industry 4.0, presented by Bruna Dias, Sofia Alves (Edit Value). Final task distribution and deadlines were given to all partners to reach the timeline and secure the quality of the outcome. Output 2 - Expert interviews and specific research in the field of manufacturing companies was presented by Michael Kvas (bit Schulungscenter). Partners discussed the main task within the output, and next steps were agreed. The consortium made important decisions about the Output 2. Also, Output 3 - Development of the specialized texts were presented by Ana Landeta (ANCED) due to its close connection to Output 2, so the work on both outputs will be smooth.

Project INTRO 4.0

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If you want to know more about the INTRO 4.0 project, go to About or Outcomes.

Kick off meeting Prague, CZE

8. - 9. 11. 2017

First transnational meeting of the INTRO 4.0 project in Prague, meeting was situated in the office of the coordinator - EuroProfis, s.r.o. Introduction of the partners, set of presentations and list of tasks for all partners - meeting in a nutshell.

1st Press Release

November 2017

You can download Press Release here: project INTRO 4.0 - 1st Press Release